The First Fitting

2 Mar

After almost a full week home I received the text of the trip:


The customer service line at Kleinfeld Bridal is exceptional; after learning that I am an out of state bride, they accommodated a next day fitting without hesitation.

My highly organized wedding planner (otherwise known as mom) was very pleased to see a lengthy e-mail from the Alterations Administrator, just minutes after confirming my appointment. Brides should be forewarned: despite the smooth sailing communication with the Kleinfeld team, there are prerequisites for attending the first fitting. My oversights will hopefully help future brides prepare for their fittings.

Three thoughts and things to keep in mind for fitting one:

  1. Wedding shoes (if you don’t have the shoe, determine the height)
  2. Proper undergarments (bring along the bra and underwear that will be worn on your day)
  3. Patience (Kleinfeld Bridal has a zero tolerance policy for bridezillas)

As I drove into the city with the enthusiastic MOTB, I experienced endless bridal butterflies. Would the gown fit based on measurements taken in July? Would I still adore the design of my dress after nearly six months of separation?

Tip 1: Bring the shoes, or heel height.

At the time of my fitting I had not yet purchased my wedding shoes. If brides are being fitted at Kleinfeld, I suggest stopping by early to browse their selection of shoes, jewelry and elaborate hairpieces. I was excited to learn that the designer of my wedding gown, Pnina Tornai, offers her own line of bridal accessories. Also, true to Kleinfeld’s instagram, they have a gorgeous selection of bridal Jimmy Choo shoes (sparkly flats and a range of heels).



Even though I failed to find the right shoe at Kleinfeld, I did confirm the height of my prospective heel. I ended up purchasing the perfect wedding shoes one day later. Since my fitting was based on a two and a half inch heel, I had plenty of options.


Downstairs at Kleinfeld- sparkly selection of shoes, jewels and bridal accessories.

Tip 2: Consider the role of undergarments.

I’ll spare my posh readers the personal details of this mishap. To keep it brief – wear nude underwear to your fitting and bring any undergarments suggested by your tailor. If your dress is a traditional white, consider visiting Victoria’s Secret to purchase a fabric that feels and looks as if you are commando. Apparently, VS also sells “tape” to ensure that everything pretty is in the proper place. Alterations can do quite a bit, and then there’s gravity.

Tip 3: Patience is a necessary virtue for every bride.

I clearly fixated on all the wrong thoughts for my first fitting. The most challenging aspect, by far, was standing still for over one hour while being pinned from every possible angle. A bridal fitting is the first time I have ever broken a sweat while standing in the same place. Thankfully the MOTB refreshed me with sips of water as the tailor worked her way from the straps of my dress to the intricate bustle. After fifty plus pins, my mom excused herself for a much needed coffee break. Mothers of the bride, please note: any liquids aside from water are banned from the bridal premise. Thankfully, the alterations department played dual roles during my appointment, as both the tailors and protectors of my Pnina.

My next fitting is scheduled for early April. Do not leave the first fitting without scheduling the second. Since I commute to my wedding planner, I tend to fit multiple appointments into one-week visits. Next month I will be attending fitting two, a follow-up with my hometown florist and finally meeting the band. At the end of the week I will have the opportunity to sit back, refrain from decision-making and relax during both my bachelorette and shower!


Check out that gorgeous, elaborate veil in the Kleinfeld window!

~Thank you Mom for yet another memorable week of wedding bliss. It’s a great feeling to be productive while having a ball!~

The Magic of Makeup…and Kathy!

27 Feb

On Wednesday morning, Kathy Genchi, an award winning makeup artist rang my doorbell. I immediately noticed Kathy’s rolling suitcase filled with magic, better known to brides as makeup. Kathy is a previous salon owner who now works with Bobbi Brown. She also applies makeup at the Julien Farel salon in New York City.

When first asked to describe my ideal wedding “look,” I was indecisive and a little lost between blushes. Most days I wear minimal makeup; my two-minute routine includes bronzer, mascara and a bright lip, if the occasion warrants a pop. After Kathy studied the style of my dress and wedding colors, she began the posh process of bridal beautification.

Brides-to-be have one job during the trial: follow directions. For example, I lifted and lowered my head when asked, avoided too much blinking and remained painfully patient.


A patient bride is often the prettiest.

At the end of the one-hour trial, Kathy described my look as polished, pretty and romantic. Since I plan on wearing my hair like Rapunzel’s, Kathy chose a soft pink lip to compliment whimsical curls and a possible side braid. When my makeup was finished, I was surprised to learn that my lips were the most subdued feature. I have seen pictures of brides who chose striking red lips to match the brightest color in their bouquets. Although I love this idea, I have decided to wear neutral tones.

Since I do everything bridal with my fabulous wedding planner, my Mom also received a full makeup trial. The MOTB’s look was feminine, yet bold. Compared to my makeup, Kathy applied a sharper eye and a stronger lip. She looked flawless, as usual.


Post makeup trial with the MOTB.

Kathy will also be dolling up my four bridesmaids for the big day. Their makeup plan is best described as fresh, clean and modern with a smoky, memorable eye. I wondered whether or not the bridesmaids would prefer to wear different shades of color. Perhaps matching dresses, bouquets and makeup is too much? Kathy explained that the unique features of each bridesmaid would naturally create contrast when walking down the aisle. Makeup simply enhances and accentuates the obvious beauty of each bridesmaid.

When I mentioned using my glittery eye shadow on all four lovely ladies, Kathy smiled while shaking her head. She said, “The bride requires subtle differences from the rest of the wedding party.” Kathy, I am impressed by your eye for makeup and your thought process behind each stroke of color!

Not long after the trial, I stopped by the Bobbi Brown counter in my hometown mall as a walking advertisement for Kathy’s work and bubbly Bobbi brides. Every bride-to-be should purchase her favorite products from the trial such as blush and lipstick.

Even if brides are heading to the grocery store post trial, I recommend keeping all makeup on as long as possible. A few hours after the trial I was able to take note of certain areas which require tweaking. I also realized the importance of refreshing lipstick. Speaking of lip color…

Depending on the occasion, a nude lip is often preferred. For example: on the day of JB’s graduation from Officer Development School I innocently kissed his crisp white uniform while wearing a bright pink gloss. Unfortunately, the Navy recognized my mark of love as an unacceptable stain. Luckily, JB will be sporting a black tuxedo on our wedding day.


While in uniform, let your groom do the smooching!

Here’s the most important trick of the trial: check to see if your preferred makeup and hair artists are willing to stay until the reception. Even if you have waterproof makeup and heavy hair spray, after the big reveal, emotional vows, and endless photos, imperfections prove inevitable. I want to maintain the warmth, freshness and color of my look as I enter the ballroom with my groom. However, after hours of dancing, eating, singing and happy tears, I will gladly ignore my fading makeup.

When I began to summarize the details of my trial I realized it was the right time to remove all glitter. Brides-to-be should be forewarned: wedding makeup requires an equal amount of patience for both application and removal. Before leaving, Kathy reminded me that even the best makeup trial does not compare to the beauty of the bride on her big day. There’s no shade of makeup as special as the bridal glow.

When Traditional Meets Trendy

24 Feb

In preparation for my trip home this week, I have been obsessing over all things Kleinfeld Bridal including Facebook official updates, “Say Yes to the Dress” re-runs and the store’s customer service line which remains on speed dial. My dress should be arriving from Israel any day now. Will I have my first fitting this week? Possibly.

In anticipation of Pnina’s arrival, I will be heading to Kleinfeld Bridal sometime this week to try on potential shoes and pick a veil that will compliment, rather than clash with my dress.

A few days ago Kleinfeld’s social media page shared a clip from ABC news. The short video entertains a bridal debate that is currently trending: to ditch or not to ditch traditional gowns for shorter options with far less coverage? Take a peek: 

Don’t worry, potentially conservative MOTB’s, Terry Hall, the Fashion Director Kleinfeld explains how this trend is not necessarily intended for long walks down the aisle. Hall hinted that some brides may opt to wear a jeweled jumpsuit to the reception, after party, or even on the plane as a pre-honeymoon fashion statement. I happen to love the last idea.

If Savannah brides-to-be are searching for the middle ground between a crop top and a traditional princess gown, I suggest popping by BleuBelle Bridal Boutique to try on a look similar to the one pictured below:


The jeweled back is the latest bridal treasure.

With that said, if southern belles have the opportunity to fly north, I recommend camping out at Kleinfeld Bridal. Whether brides are looking to be traditional, trendy or a combination of both, the options are endless. Most importantly, Kleinfeld Bridal and the sister stores are open to accommodating just about every and any request.

For example: During one of the more recent episodes of SYTTD, Lori (a fierce bridesmaids consultant) entertains a bride with a daunting twenty-two bridesmaids. Half of these girls are intended to light the aisle for the bride as “biblical bridesmaids.” Most likely, bridesmaids with a religious purpose will not be sporting high fashion attire with particularly low cuts. Luckily, Lori was able to fit the biblical bridesmaids in very pretty, yet highly appropriate wedding wear.

This week, while home, I will be visiting Bella Bridesmaid, a local dress shop with stores around the country for my cousin’s first fitting. Lisa is ready to say “yes” to my choice of dress, although she is still debating straps verses strapless.

Back to the news: ABC’s discussion as whether or not brides still qualify as traditional in a three-piece suit or shorts does end in a very happy union. Here’s the Tuesday moral, no matter the material: Brides, “It’s your day, so be you!”

One bride- two families.

20 Feb

I am very lucky that the MOTB (mother of the bride) is also my wedding planner. Each time we chat there is another obvious detail to discuss. Since I am living in the south and “commuting” to all wedding related appointments, I am constantly calculating my next flight. I am truly blessed to have such an organized, energetic, posh planner. The line of communication from Savannah to New Jersey is one that I could not be without; although we constantly text, FaceTime and e-mail, the best interaction with my mom is exchanging long overdue hugs at the airport.

As much as I find myself chatting with the MOTB, I am also in frequent conversation with my future in-laws, the excessively excited grandma’s and bachelorette ready cousins. In the midst of wedding planning, I have learned that the bride-to-be must also orchestrate the family behind both parties.


When preparing to marry, plan with both families in mind (Drew family above, Peterman family below) Please excuse the crazy selfies (we just can’t help it).

When friends in Savannah see how involved both sides of the family are regarding wedding preparation they often react with facial expressions of astonishment. People wonder whether I am a potentially bombarded bride? The truth is, I’m just a long distance bride with a very, very loving family. The constant communication between myself and the wedding party has been one of the most exciting aspects of planning. I have realized that despite the temporary distance I am surrounded by an enormous wave of love, support and celebration.

Here’s a pretty regular day in the life of bridal bliss (characters do vary by day of the week- except for mom, she’s on call 24/7):

  • Wake up with weddings on the mind- more fuel for Posh Petal and Pearls!
  • MOTB calls to confirm florist appointment which is coming up next week (finally)!
  • While at the office my cousin texts me a playful “hint” about my bachelorette (don’t worry, it was PG).
  • After returning home, I check my mailbox and receive a fan letter from one of my beautiful bridesmaids, Alexa.


Reminder: the bride must keep calm and carry (her groom) on.

  • My phone buzzes with a picture of my mom visiting a garden in California- she writes, “flower inspiration for the wedding?”


A posh mom among the petals.

  • My television remote seems to automatically locate episodes of “Say Yes to the Dress” (a great way to end the day).

I can’t help but wonder what will happen when the big day has come and gone. While the planning, plotting and partying are all incredibly memorable, I know that I will be perfectly content when it’s just me and my husband wearing shiny wedding bands and processing it all. We will, of course, relive the happy memories of our big day and the relentless planning led by my amazing mother. Also, for the first time in months, I will experience the loss of cell reception (one of the many benefits of honeymooning).

But there’s plenty to do first. Posh Petal and Pearl brides should stay tuned: next week I will be heading home for a makeup trial, florist appointment, bridesmaid dress fitting, shoe shopping and much more…!

Real Wedding~Savannah, GA: Amanda & Bryan

18 Feb

Small+Intimate+Family Focused…..these are the three words that come to mind when we think back to Amanda & Bryan’s wedding in Lafayette Square. Dream Weaver did a fantastic job of capturing so many fun images with Amanda, Bryan and their families. Here are some images from the ceremony & the Savannah Riverboat Cruise that the guests were able to enjoy after the couple exchanged their “I Do’s” in Lafayette Square. I loved that the couple walked over from the Hamilton-Turner Inn together, and before getting to the altar, they tossed pennies into the fountain!!

DreamweaverPhotos_AB_small-4598 DreamweaverPhotos_AB_2small-3973DreamweaverPhotos_AB_2small-4033 DreamweaverPhotos_AB_2small-4038    DreamweaverPhotos_AB_small-4613 DreamweaverPhotos_AB_small-4704 DreamweaverPhotos_AB_small-4710 DreamweaverPhotos_AB_2small-4075DreamweaverPhotos_AB_small-4929DreamweaverPhotos_AB_small-4737 DreamweaverPhotos_AB_small-5033

Photographer & Photo Booth: Dream Weaver Photos

Ceremony: Lafayette Square

Officiant: Tybee Jack

Rentals: Beachview Event Rentals

Hair & Make-Up: Salon Aqua

Accommodations: Hamilton-Turner Inn

Reception: Savannah Riverboat Cruises

Flowers: A to Zinnias

Wedding Cake: Lulucakes

Dancing with the Stars- bridal edition.

17 Feb

I did a pirouette this past Christmas when JB’s mother presented us with dancing lessons. There is something enchanting and timeless about watching couples waltz together. Before opening our gift, I viewed ballroom dancing as an elegant treasure of the past.

I never imagined that my spear fishing, hunter hubby-to-be would choose to rumba with me in a classroom setting (and enjoy it)! From the bias perspective of the bride, I believe we stole the floor and may have a future on Dancing with the Stars- but first, allow us to master our slow dance.

So far we have attended two, thirty-minute sessions with the energetic team at Savannah Ballroom Dance Studio. Meet our peppy personal instructors: JaeLynn Fulks and Gabriel Alexander.


The dream team.

When we entered the studio, the team at Savannah Ballroom instantaneously calmed our nerves by playing “Stand by Me,” which was the song that solidified our proposal.

12-8-2013 12-21-23 PM

12/8/13: At that moment, I had no idea we would be dancing to this song at our wedding!

For our first lesson we focused on learning the box step, a routine which appears effortless after memorizing the mechanics. Since I come from a ballerina background, I entered the studio with camera-ready confidence. Although the posture of a ballerina does mirror that of a ballroom dancer, the steps, rhythm and mindset are considerably different. The first half of our lesson was spent missing the floor and instead, stepping on each other’s toes. I definitely regret wearing my snakeskin heels. Luckily our instructors are painfully patient and love to laugh just as much as they love to dance. It’s also probable that they’ve seen worse…


When all else fails…just laugh.

This past Friday we waltzed into our second class with increased confidence. During the week we had practiced our steps in the hallway of our apartment, on the sidewalks of Savannah’s whimsical streets and of course, in our heads.

For our second class I showed up in far more casual attire. Although I believed yoga pants would be most fitting for moving with freedom, my instructor handed me a floor length skirt that felt less like a breeze and more like a bag of sand. The purpose was to simulate the weight of my wedding dress. In reality, my gown has incredible volume and intricate details, which will make it challenging for JB to latch on and lead with ease. I was thankful to dance with the imagination of wearing my own dress.


“Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels.” ~Faith Whittlesey

After two entertaining classes, the need to extend our package proved obvious. Hopefully, the additional classes will allow us to master our first dance. Here’s the good news: our instructors believe that we will waltz with wonder on the big day. As a bridal blogger, I highly recommend the Savannah Ballroom Dance Studio for couples at any and every dance level.

Brides- rumba while remembering: the lady always leads with her right foot, because she is always right (sorry, JB).

~Thank you Mama Peterman for encouraging me to dance with my star!~

The Opulence of Oscar De La Renta

14 Feb

Last week, my passion for all things bridal and fashion collided in a garden of flowers and notorious fabrics. I visited the SCAD Museum of Art with my best friend and bridesmaid, Alexa, who traveled south to grab a hug and step into the Savannah scene. Earlier in the week, I spotted a mention of Oscar de la Renta on the designer’s PR instagram (@oscarprgirl) with an airplane emoji and a caption reading, “Savannah bound.” Who would have thought?


The exquisite work of Oscar de la Renta will be on display from February 4- May 3.

When I entered the exhibit, I felt as if I had stepped into the fashion forward pages of Vogue in exploration of a legendary past.

Apparently Vogue had literally stepped into Savannah. (I walked past that same dress hours before Ms. Wintour)!


This photo was taken from Andre Leon Talley’s instagram, @andreltalley. Mr. Talley is a contributing editor at Vogue, author of Valentino: At the Emperor’s Table and a beloved SCAD trustee. A special thanks to Mr. Talley for curating such an opulent exhibit in the heart of a city that is underrated for its fashion and creative energy.

As a bride-to-be with a continuous appreciation for talented designers, I am ecstatic that the work of Oscar de la Renta has landed in my current city. Although I spent ample time viewing each dress (star struck by signs which read, “worn by Beyoncé”), I was, as expected, most captivated by the bridal collection.

Every Posh Petal and Pearl bride would appreciate the elegance of the exhibit. I was particularly drawn to one dress in the bridal display which reminded me of floating flowers and shares a slight resemblance to my wedding gown. Although similar, I will admit that my gown is a bit more trendy and less, shall we say, timeless.

Here’s a poignant example of Oscar de la Renta’s untouchable vision:


I am still in awe. Posh Petal and Pearl brides: what are your thoughts?

Despite my unquestionable love for Pnina Tornai, I would have gladly switched places with any of the bridal mannequins in this exhibit. Oscar de la Renta’s attention to detail and subtle illusion elevates the fabric from a beautiful wedding gown to a masterpiece, most fitting for a museum.

Aside from the dresses, I was also inspired by the décor of the display, such as the soft white bridal carriage and rosy, delicately dripping flowers which led visitors both in and out of the exhibit.


Thankfully, I toured this exhibit before meeting with my florist! #poshpetals

If brides-to-be are looking for the ideal Valentine’s day activity in Savannah with their fiancé, I highly recommend a visit to this exhibit. I plan on returning at least twice before its conclusion in May. Famous designers and masterminds of fashion rarely display their work with such freedom to the public. Andre Leon Talley’s tribute to Oscar de la Renta has officially influenced my big day.


snapped just outside the SCAD Museum of Art.

~Dedicated to the one and only Alexa- you are a fabulous friend, baller bridesmaid and sensationally stylish. I will always remember our walk through the ODLR showroom!~


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