Waking from a Daydream

28 Apr

I’ve lost track of how many flights I have taken home for wedding planning. At this point, I’m floating in the clouds between Savannah and New Jersey at least once a month, if not more. The sky has become a place of temporary peace. For just about two hours, texts, e-mails and social media are entirely cut off. It’s a relief to be just another passenger on a express jet instead of the bride.

When I stepped off the plane, yet again, last week, I was frightened to switch my phone off of airplane mode. I had suddenly become a bombarded bride.

Within two days of mailing the invites, our guests had transformed from names on an excel spreadsheet to the beloved family and friends we know so well with sweet comments, important questions and overwhelming expressions of excitement.


The invitations are OUT!

Although I have felt the reality of my wedding since my engagement, the invites are a tangible reminder of how fast the big day is approaching. They push the envelope on our big day quite literally.


My favorite part of the invitations- custom stamps.

Brides should be forewarned- once the invitations are received, guests are ready to rumble. Hotels need to be reserved, flights arranged, tuxedos tailored and gowns purchased. Although it’s only been a few days, I have already entertained one question like a broken record: how will the spa at the hotel possibly accommodate so many women in need of hair care for the evening? Book appointments early ladies!

To put it mildly- the invitations have surely shaken me from a bridal daydream.


Wakeup Sarah- the guests are ready!

Truthfully, I am ecstatic that the people who will fill our lives with the most joy and love are ready to celebrate. In between what feels like nonstop buzzing of my phone, I sometimes wonder what will happen when the big day comes and goes. Will I experience wedding withdrawal? Is it possible to miss the madness?

I’ll let readers know when I tackle this topic post-wedding.

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