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Posh Petals

24 Apr

Aside from dress fittings, the majority of my wedding appointments have taken place at the florist. I am thrilled that the talented Jerry Rose of Maplewood, New Jersey will bedazzle our ceremony and reception with elegant flowers. From consecutive months of planning I have learned that selecting the perfect petals requires patience.

Nothing spectacular blooms overnight.


So far, I’ve attended four florist appointments with my wedding planner (mom).

This picture was snapped just outside the flower shop back in July!


A rosy peak into the studio of Jerry Rose.

Even if you have a favorite flower… 

be an open-minded Bride!

Much to my surprise, my ideal petal did not make the final cut. I’ve realized that pink roses sitting in a pretty vase, on my kitchen table, do not serve the same purpose as those in the center of a ballroom!

A wedding is an occasion that demands something completely different.

At our venue, there will be multiple tables of twelve. A small, charming arrangement would be easily swallowed in such an impressive room. On the other hand, any flower that is too tall might overshadow other elements of the wedding (lights, band, dance floor) while prohibiting guests from easily taking to one another.

I recommend taking a field trip to the venue with your florist for a brainstorm. It’s helpful to discuss the vision for your flowers in the actual space as opposed to the shop. There’s always a precise number of petals.

Go bananas…

with the bridal bouquet!

Before visiting Jerry’s palace of petals, I assumed that I would have the same bouquet as my bridesmaids- something sweet, small and sophisticated. Jerry quickly changed the tune of my walk down the aisle. Not only did he create an elaborate plan for the big walk, but he also showed me a potential bouquet that would be made on the spot, just for the bride.

Picking the right type, number and color of flowers is a process. Brides are used to receiving flowers from the groom without much thought. We admire the final product. As much as I adore a blooming surprise, every once in a while, I have a newfound appreciation for the work that is behind each petal.


a garden mirror shot with the MOTB.

~Dedicated to the flower king, Jerry Rose– planting the petals for the wedding with you has been a ball!~xox