It’s Those Little Bridal Things…

20 Oct

Happy Monday! I hope Posh brides will read this post and take a few minutes to “smell the roses” even in the midst of crazy planning. Let’s have a look at some of those little bridal things (both people and accessories) on my mind this week.

Before JB and I finalized our list of bridesmaids and groomsmen, we knew one little guy would have a particularly important and memorable role in our ceremony.

Our adorable cousin will be walking down the aisle on our big day presenting the sparkly gems as a ring bearer. The ring bearer’s clever mommy thought about bribing her son with a chocolate milkshake, should he make it to the bride and groom with both rings. Whatever gets a three-year-old down the aisle, right?

Unfortunately, as for a flower girl, my baby cousin will still be too young to walk with petals in hand. As I thought about my ceremony, I had a flashback to my cousins wedding where I was the little flower girl. I vividly remember the thrill of dressing up in the same room as the beautiful bride, and walking down the aisle with a fresh basket of flowers. Years later, I truly believe it’s the little people who add charm to every wedding.

I also remember the moment right before the wedding assistant gave me those big scary eyes, which meant it was my cue. I definitely contemplated backing out, not fully understanding the importance of my role and all my family members who would surely shower me with smiles and praise after my walk of fame. Thank goodness for mom and dad cheering from the sidelines. On my wedding day, I will remind myself that even flower girls and ring bearers get cold feet! Also, I will definitely have a milkshake waiting at the end of the aisle.

kid pic

Flower girl before bride, circa 2000.

Will he say “yes?”

I believe every member of the ceremony should be courted. The bride definitely initiates the trend of saying “yes.” As for my little ring bearer, I hope he will accept the position. But how should brides pop the question to little ones? Although they don’t need diamonds, it might be helpful to bring along some gifts. I plan on asking my cousin with a glittery card, some sweets, and the distraction of Stella, my mini Chihuahua (who will also be part of the ceremony).


Proposing to the ring bearer might look a little something like this (card + tiny dog = YES!)

Say yes to the dress- ring bearer edition.

I recently finished the fun (and slightly dramatic) task of selecting the perfect bridesmaid dress. I shall spare those details for an upcoming post. Regarding ring bearers, I have seen quite a few dressed in mini tuxedos; this particular style usually includes fancy shorts, long socks, and a vibrant bow tie to compliment the color scheme of the wedding. After the ceremony my cousin will have a quick wardrobe change, transforming from a ring bearer to ring security. He’s on duty all night.

ring bearer

Security for the reception!

Photo Credit:

We know what the flower girl always carries, but what’s the proper accessory for the ring bearer?

On a recent trip to Europe, my grandmother spotted a bridal treasure in a city known for specializing in lace. The charming store was called Madam Mim in Bruges, Belgium. When my grandmother inquired about lace accessories for a bride, the shop owner brought out a beautiful antique pillow, which had been used during wedding ceremonies for countless years. I was particularly drawn to the incredible details on the pillow. There are two perfect bows to secure the wedding bands of both the bride and groom. Delicate pearls are sewn throughout the lace. This pillow provides the most magnificent touch of something old to accompany the ring bearer down the aisle. I also love the simple historical fact that so many brides and grooms have received their bands on this very same pillow. I will cherish this antique on my wedding day and pass it down to future brides.


Take a look at the bows, delicate lace, and pearl accents. (This bride adores pearls, can you tell?)

Who will you choose as a flower girl and ring bearer? Popping the question to little ones is certainly less daunting than the challenge of asking bridesmaids and groomsmen to participate in your ceremony. Once your little ones says “yes,” start searching for adorable outfits and accessories to compliment their walk down the aisle.

Although it’s inevitable for brides to get caught up with the big decisions (venue, dress, bridal party, etc.), it’s those little bridal people and things that capture the most smiles. I will always remember my walk down the aisle as a flower girl. The next flower petals I follow will lead me to my groom!

As a Posh Petals and Pearls blogger I can’t help but keep my eyes and ears open for brides anywhere and everywhere I venture. This past weekend I was back in New York City with the mother of the bride, when we spotted the most gorgeous couple outside of The New York Palace just moments before their ceremony. I snapped a picture for inspiration.


There are three fabulous details about this picture:

  • the famous venue.
  • the princess dress.
  • the way the groom is staring at his stunning bride.

~Written with love and inspiration from NYC~

Be a Cheerleader for your Wedding!

17 Oct

About a week after my engagement the questions and commentary began pouring in from family, friends, and those who caught the news via social media. I’m sure Posh brides can relate to the following kindhearted interrogations: “So, where will the wedding take place?” “Did you set a date?” “Of course, you must have set a date.” “How did he propose?” “Are there any photos of the proposal?” “There must be video footage, right?” “Do you have a registry?” “You certainly need dishes and home goods.”


Moments after my happy face was snapped, chaos ensued.

Step 1: Put it in the Paper.

When I was younger and had yet to appreciate great journalism, I always resisted my mother’s attempts to push the morning paper toward my bowl of lucky charms. Avoiding inky fingers, I would quickly open to the section where all the happy engagement and wedding announcements were posted. I loved looking at the ecstatic faces of couples entangled in their romantic photos and reading the brief captions about the future plans of each bride and groom.

This past year JB’s mother submitted our engagement announcement in his hometown paper. It’s always exciting to spot high school classmates who are newly engaged or married. If you do choose to announce your engagement in the local paper, make sure to buy one too many copies. I plan on saving my announcements for a future wedding scrapbook. I can also imagine passing a copy to my grandchildren years down the road #futuretripping.


Buy and save multiple copies of your announcement!

Step 2: Build a wedding website.

As you can tell, after almost a year of being engaged I am still floating on a cloud. If asked, or even unprovoked, I will joyfully recite my engagement story on the spot. Although the repetition rarely gets old, it’s always nice to have the details accessible on a wedding website! Think of your site as a home for your engagement story and all upcoming plans. I recommend as the template. The Knot will quickly become every bride’s complimentary wedding assistant to help stay organized, on budget and on time. Here, brides will find checklists, vendors and even inspiration boards for those posh brides who pin anything and everything wedding themed.

Once you and the hubby-to-be have selected the venue (check out my recent post for tips) invest a little time personalizing your wedding website. I like to think of mine as the virtual cheerleader for our wedding; it’s a reliable source, which covers the engagement story, wedding plans, and all the necessary details that family and friends must know in preparation for the big day. Brides can even omit sections that do not apply or have not yet been finalized. My favorites include a countdown to the big day, details of the venue, and of course, the photo album and links, which invite visitors to relive that snowy December day when I said “Yes!”

Step 3: Create a registry.

Although registering for wedding and engagement gifts can be time consuming, once the boxes start arriving at your doorstep, you will be forever grateful. I didn’t realize the necessity of scanning so many of the items on the list until the day I moved to Savannah and unpacked my first set of pots and pans. With the proper tools, I no longer had an excuse to avoid the kitchen.

Here are a few recommendations to ease the wedding registry process…

Whether you register at Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s or Belk, bring the groom along and SHARE the scanning device:

At first, JB and I were on completely different paths in Bloomingdale’s. I was headed right toward the soft monogrammed robes, while JB had vanished into the aisle of blenders, coffee makers, and shall we say the more practical items on the list. If you both have scanners and wish to wander, a potential conflict is easily avoided. While your groom may take a turn toward sturdy luggage, you can remain content in the bedding section selecting the fluffiest pillows and perfectly printed blankets. You might also wish to scan some decorative pieces such as serving platters, candlesticks, vases, and frames.


This love dish was a must.

Don’t forget to buy the basics:

Although I will cherish my newly gifted butterfly pitcher, crystal vase, and poetic dish, I am continuously grateful for the set of Bernardaud dishes we use everyday along with our pots and pans.

Keep track of every single delivery:

The most tedious aspect of the bridal registry is unpacking and checking the condition and quantity of each purchase. Since gifts on the registry are often fragile, it is important to inspect each shipment for cracks, unforeseen chips, and the occasional mix-up. JB and I spent an entire afternoon inside wrapping and rewrapping our shiny new set of dishes before loading everything into a moving truck. From New Jersey all the way to Georgia, our dishes arrived in perfect condition. Make sure to bring patience and bubble wrap.


Count your purchases as they arrive!

Take a step back and evaluate your selection:

Good news brides: there’s always time to change your mind. Sometimes when surrounded by endless possibilities, the scanner will get the best of you. It was not until JB and I moved to Savannah, that we realized the gold bedding originally selected at Bloomingdale’s did not match the style of our new, ultra modern apartment. Luckily, we were able to switch the color scheme along with other impulsive purchases. After all, how many picture frames do you really need? Thankfully the registry accommodates adding and deducting items as the bride and groom see fit. Friends and family who visit your webpage can easily locate the registry. With a few straightforward clicks they will be able to select the item(s) of your choice for purchase.

Step 4: Count your blessings!

Keep a running list of all gifts as they arrive. After each gift is recorded, take out a Thank You card and send it away! Handwritten notes are always appreciated.


The lovebirds say it all!

Lastly, for inspiration and motivation to get started, visit the Sarah and JB wedding webpage (still a work in progress).

PS) Yes, the proposal was captured on video!

Real Wedding: Lindsey & Colin

16 Oct

We had the privilege of planning Lindsey & Colin’s wedding at the Morris Center. We worked very closely with Lindsey & her mom throughout the planning process, and we definitely felt like we were part of the family during the entire process!! Lindsey’s parents have a home in Savannah, and she spent part of her childhood growing up here. It only felt natural for the couple to decide to host their summer wedding in a city that holds a special place in her family’s heart. The Charles H. Morris Center was transformed for their ceremony and reception. The two exchanged their vows under the tent that Beachview Event Rentals did a beautiful job draping, and after the ceremony, we flipped the space to become a lounge area. Savannah Candy Kitchen set up a Praline Chef under the tent so guests could enjoy a signature Savannah treat….pralines!!  Harvey Designs created the most gorgeous altar arrangements and outdid herself on the centerpieces inside, too. Cape Creations Catering & Delectable Designs made sure the guests had an amazing dinner and cake to enjoy. JLK Events knows how to transform a space with the lighting. Lindsey & Colin weren’t afraid of a little color when it came to selecting their uplights. We could not get enough of the monogram that was projected behind the head table. It was designed by FLYoung Studio, who also designed the invitations, programs, menus, seating chart, & stickers for the welcome bags. A big thank you to Alexis Sweet Photography for capturing the day!

View More: View More: View More: View More: More: View More: View More: View More: More: More: More: View More:    View More: More: View More: View More:  View More: View More:  View More: View More: More: View More: View More: View More: View More:

But where shall we say “I Do”?

13 Oct

A few days ago I strolled Forsyth with a fellow bride discussing our drastically different venues. We both agreed that selecting the venue is number one on the long list of wedding planning. Since I follow Posh Petals and Pearls on all social media handles, I can list quite a few fairytale locations for brides hoping to wed in the South. Unfortunately, I missed out on Savannah scenery as my wedding plans began months before I learned of my relocation. With that said, wherever brides choose to marry, the task of selecting a venue can be quite challenging.

I will be marrying JB at the Pleasantdale Château in the town of West Orange, New Jersey. This beautiful property dates back to 1835 and was remodeled in 1912 by a well-to-do man and his architect, after touring Europe for inspiration. Since I am a mildly dramatic bride (aren’t we all?), I fell in love with this venue before even stepping inside. Allow me to take you on a mini tour of the posh property…

My favorite room in the Château is one where the bride and groom might spend all of five minutes. The Château’s “Fountain Room” is an indoor pool comprised of stunning colored Portuguese tiles. Although historic and mesmerizing, the pool is off limits to guests. Translation for my fiancé: they do not make exceptions for wild groomsmen who think it might be fun to take a dip in tuxedos! This intricate room does however create the perfect backdrop for a romantic photo. When I first toured the Château, I spotted a bride and groom posing by the water just moments after they uttered “I Do’s.” Will I be brave enough to take my gown into a room filled with chlorine for the forever photo? Any posh bride would call me crazy for contemplating such a thought, but before judging take a look at the potential backdrop.


How bad could this really go? #worthit

Photo Credit:

The pathway to the pool consists of an exquisite greenhouse, filled floor to ceiling with colorful, vibrant floral arrangements. The possibilities for photos are endless. I was especially drawn to the layout of the Château; the twists and turns of the property welcome partygoers to explore hidden rooms and nooks throughout the evening. Friends and family are encouraged to wander, hold hands, and follow the petals from cocktail hour until the sun rises, marking the official transition from the after-party to brunch.


A moment captured from our first tour of the property. Here, guests will wine and dine before dancing.

A few tips to share with fellow posh brides who are in the process of selecting the perfect venue:

*Bring an extra set of eyes along for the tour.

On the very day that I fell in love with the elegant Château in Jersey, so too did my happy wedding planners (mom and dad pictured below). Sometimes it’s helpful to have another perspective to visualize how the affair will unfold. When I walked into the ballroom with my fiancé and parents, we could all feel the enchantment of the evening. I imagined the traditional father-daughter dance and my cousins having a ball on the dance floor. I smiled at the thought of entering the ballroom hand in hand with my groom when the band introduces Mr. and Mrs. Peterman. Simply standing in the party room evoked ideas for color schemes, the placement of the band, and endless flower arrangements. As the imaginary details suddenly fell into place, I knew the Pleasantdale Château had officially kicked off our wedding plans.


Perhaps the venue choice can be a family affair (sometimes mom and dad know best)!

*Is the location comfortable for both wedding parties?

As mentioned in my introductory post, my fiancé grew up in beautiful Amish country. Although JB’s neighborhood provides picture perfect rolling hills and romantic scenery, my heart was always set on a castle like venue not far from my hometown. With a little bit of conversation and strategic planning, JB and I decided that his family would have to travel from Pennsylvania to New Jersey for the affair. Aside from immediate family, my relatives are scattered all over the country. Ultimately, our wedding will require both families to make a trip. If this is also the case for your venue, make sure there are hotels in close proximity.

Posh perk: Before booking the venue, I located a nearby Hilton hotel with a spa, which is ideal for relatives and friends who wish to pamper before the wedding.

*Don’t waste too much time!

When we were finally ready to sign a contract for the Château (over a year in advance) there was a single date left for the entire summer season! I encourage all brides to search around and commit to their dream location sooner than later. After securing the date, follow your venue on instagram for ideas and inspiration. I recently spotted a bride on the @pleasantdalechateau instagram handle just before her big reveal. I just might have to mimic this magical moment!

wedding dress

What a gorgeous way to greet the groom!

Many people desire a destination wedding where they can marry underneath a starry sky or beside the ruins of breathtaking European cities. Choose a venue that works best for you, your love, and those who are essential to the memory of your wedding.

Whether you marry in a New Jersey Château, under the moss in Forsyth Park, or beside the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, choosing the venue will be the cherry at the top of the list in the wedding planning process. Speaking of cherries, let’s continue to savor the sweet moments of wedding planning with Posh Petals and Pearls. Stay tuned for tips on how to #SYTTD (Say Yes To The Dress) and so much more!


The next time I walk down these steps I will be a married lady!

A Future, Forever Posh Petals and Pearls Bride

10 Oct

The moment when all this bridal blogging began…#engaged


I am thrilled to introduce myself to the Posh Petals and Pearls blog. As a contributor and a bride, I promise to spread the bridal fever to those Posh Southern Belles who are also in planning mode. After my engagement, my identity quickly changed from the blonde queen emoji to that of the brunette bride. Don’t worry blondes, I have written Apple several times with the hope that they might add a blonde bride to the world of emojis. Perhaps they think I’m bridezilla?

The magic date is set for June 20, 2015 back in New Jersey. That leaves me with 253 days to continue planning, jet back and forth between Savannah and York City, all in an effort to eventually relax and let the pretty petals fall where they may. In the meantime, you will be hearing from me quite a bit. Before relocating to Savannah, I worked for Vanity Fair Magazine in both the Editorial and Creative Services departments. Since fashion has always been a love of mine, I thought it fitting to introduce myself with a few of my most stylish accessories, all of which are bridal themed.

Catch the Bling!

Within a week of my engagement I received one ring holder after another. As all brides know, forgetfulness is unacceptable when it comes to the diamond ring. Therefore, I made sure to place an assortment of ring holders throughout my apartment. My favorite of the bunch was a gift from the MOTB (Mother of the Bride). I keep this sparkly dish right beside my bed in case I ever feel inclined to remove my diamond. With that said, I encourage all brides to keep their bling right on their pretty fingers.


Stop your bling from wandering!

Personalize your love story:

Does your future mother-in-law enjoy the art of sewing? If so, she might be able to craft a shirt like mine to remind the world that you plan to marry prince charming. I am proudly engaged to John Benner Peterman from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Why not monogram the man of your dreams? I am still convincing my fiancé to sport his own version of this shirt around Savannah, perhaps something like “Engaged to Princess Sarah Helen from Jersey.” Let’s just say I’ve had better luck discussing the color scheme of our flower arrangements. I’ll take what I can get!


Wear it with pride ladies!

Bedazzle your phone:

My current phone case depicts a bride and groom walking down the aisle (I have yet to find the blonde version). The butterfly tiara shown in the picture below will of course be replaced with pearls and jewels on the big day. Posh brides, what are your thoughts on wearing a tiara down the aisle? I am still debating this bridal accessory.


The Kate Spade Bridal Collection is fabulous!

Since brides are always prepared for the next step, I have already purchased my “Mr. and Mrs.” Phone case, which will be used on route to my honeymoon, as Mrs. Peterman (location to be announced in an upcoming post).


Say “I Do” with Kate Spade accessories!

One more Kate Spade Necessity: the “Yes” necklace! (modeled at my engagement party)


Something Old:

While antiquing back in New York City the amazing MOTB (who also happens to be my wedding planner) spotted a beautiful charm of a bride and groom. Every posh bride should find something special that can be cherished throughout the planning process, and eventually passed down to a future beloved bride.


My bridal pendant after some polishing.

The lovely, cheerful team at Posh Petals and Pearls works hard to make every bride feel glamorous, elegant, and perfectly prepped for their big day. I hope my first post encourages fellow brides to create their own collection of wedding accessories (old and new) as a constant reminder that being a bride, although not without challenges, is truly a fairytale.

Follow me on Posh Petals and Pearls as I share my journey toward the aisle with the chicest wedding planners in the South. Keep checking the blog every week as I continue to share my latest thoughts and talk through some big decisions such as securing the dream venue, searching for the perfect dress, falling in love with flower arrangements, scheduling multiple dress fittings, planning the first dance, preparing for the big reveal, bridesmaid drama, and so much more. Should I have a DJ or band? Should I wear ballet flats or risk tripping in sparkly heels? Although the questions are endless, I’m here to talk through the options!


…the craziness begins!

Beaufort Inn

24 Sep

We had the pleasure of being invited to stay a night at the Beaufort Inn this week. It was absolutely amazing. When we arrived, we were whisked away on a tour of the property. Let me just say that it is stunning. There are a couple of options for the ceremony depending on the wedding size. The café lights that drape the property are a perfect touch once the sun goes down for the bridal party & guests to dance the night away. After our tour, we checked into our adorable rooms. There are so many room options for the guests, and it is such a perk that a lot of the guests can stay on property. We had the pleasure of staying in a 3 bedroom bungalow, and they did not overlook any details. After checking out our accommodations for the night, we dined at the onsite restaurant, Southern Graces Bistro. The food was amazing, and the server we had went above and beyond to make our dinner memorable. We had the same type of service at our breakfast this morning. After breakfast, we walked the sidewalks of Beaufort and took in the sights. The gorgeous antebellum homes are absolutely breathtaking. We never get tired of the stunning views Coastal Georgia has to offer. The Beaufort Inn is definitely a hidden gem in South Carolina. Posh Petals and Pearls is definitely looking forward to planning a wedding at this gorgeous venue. It will surely be a stunning event!! Enjoy a few iPhone pictures of the property & surrounding area.

1 2 4 6


17 Sep

Are you following us on Pinterest?! If not, you really should be!! There are so many wonderful ideas to scroll through, and you are surely to get lost in cyber space thinking of your dream wedding. What in the world did the wedding industry do before Pinterest?!! Hurry up and go follow Posh Petals and Pearls so you can see all the fun ideas we are pinning!!


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