Happy Father’s Day!

14 Jun

Some of our favorite wedding moments are of the bride and her father. A comforting squeeze before walking down the aisle, turning their “little girl” over to the groom, or the father-daughter dance – they are all magical moments that are cherished for a lifetime. In honor of Father’s Day we wanted to share a few images that capture these moments.

Happy Father’s Day!

father - caitlinn and brian - becca price

father - cameron and andrew - amelia + dan photography

father - cameron and martin - once like a spark photography

father - deedra and john - meghan cavanaugh

father - julie and sam - anna k photography

father - keller & brent - erin rene

father - lindsay and patrick - erin rene

father - marielle and michael - mark williams studio

father - taylor and sean - becca price

father - victoria and tommy - jenn hopkins photography

Thank you to the following photographers for these special images: Becca Price Photography, Amelia + Dan photography, Once Like a Spark Photography, Meghan Cavanaugh, Anna K Photography, Erin Rene Photography, Mark Williams Studio, and Jenn Hopkins Photography



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