Rainy Days

7 May

The rain just keeps coming here in the south! The saying may be that it’s good luck to have rain on your wedding day, but it’s not so easy to convince a worried bride of that when it actually happens. Rainy days are a reminder of a special wedding in September of 2009….a beautiful, lake-front ceremony was all set and at the last minute rain moved in from a tropical storm and we had to move inside. The wedding was still perfect and these fun pictures of the bride, Audrey, and her maids are priceless! Lesson learned that weekend – instead of stressing over the possibility of rain, just be sure to have cute rain gear on hand. Enjoy!

 rain Audrey and Mackee

rain audrey and mackee 2

rain audrey and mackee 3

Rainy Days Audrey and Mackee

Thanks to Orpheus & Aphrodite for these photos!

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